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Before going further about the event, first let us introduce ‘Catapooolt‘ … the most thrived crowdfunding base from India. Catapooolt supports Indian entrepreneurs for launching their startup events including… a film,...

By Dev on Oct 3rd, 2015

Yes, we are now talking about internet.org by ‘facebook‘. By far the most revolutionary approach made by facebook these days and the group behind internet.org are quite serious in contenting a free web surfing on net free of cost. So,...

By Dev on Sep 30th, 2015

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 turned out to be the fastest tablet, beating its top rivals such as Apple’s second generation iPad Air and Google’s 9in Nexus tablet, suggests a speed test. Folks at popular device testing and reviewing...

By Dev on Jun 23rd, 2015
iphone 6

The some, the attraction of the masses to Apple devices is almost unfathomable. The iPhone has never been one of the most powerful handsets in the world, nor the smallest / largest, and yet seven years later it has retained (and grown) its unshakeable...

By Dev on Jun 23rd, 2015
pebble watch

Pebble is making good on its promise to become a real player in smartwatches, not just everyone’s favourite crowdfunding project. It has just announced that the Pebble Time is available to pre-order through Best Buy in the US or using...

By Dev on Jun 23rd, 2015

The Galaxy S6 is Samsung, reborn. Gone is the utilitarian plastic build of every Galaxy S past. So long; bye-bye. In its place, the electronics giant paves both sides of its marquee phone in glass, and ties the package in an aluminum alloy...

By Dev on Jun 23rd, 2015
google music

As Apple Music nears its June 30th launch, Google is getting more aggressive about trying to sell users on its own Google Play Music service. Today the company is launching a free, ad-supported tier that offers curated playlists (a la Songza)...

By Dev on Jun 23rd, 2015
Events & Live webinars..

Events & Live webinars..

Never regret if you missed an opportunity... we'll keep track for those who have i.e. events, webinars, blogging sessions and our support for own events. We want to contribute making India Digital ... so far inspired by #DigitalIndia.

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